You will be able to...

What does it do and who is it for?

What ideas underscore it?

You will be able to…

Improve organisational and planning capability.

Enhance creativity and problem-solving.

Overcome information overload, improve retention and recall.

What does it do and who is it for?

Designed for anyone who wants to find more efficient and effective ways of working.

This course helps to promote free thought, encourages creativity and makes information easier to remember.

Contains lots of exercises in applying mind maps to different situations, with a clear action plan to embed the techniques.

What ideas underscore it?

What if we could quickly generate notes that helped our ‘train of thought’ and allowed for deeper questioning rather than superficial answers?

What if the most important ideas were not the facts themselves, but instead the space between them? It is in this space that analysis occurs.

What if we had a way of taking notes at a meeting that facilitated a more democratic approach, where every participant had an equal voice, not simply the loudest or most privileged?