Creative Thinking

You will be able to...

What does it do and who is it for?

What ideas underscore it?

You will be able to…

Have an easy-to-use toolkit to generate ideas and evaluate them.

Enhance your problem-solving skills.

Confidently facilitate your own creativity sessions at work.

What does it do and who is it for?

Designed for individuals and groups who face challenges which cannot be addressed by conventional thinking alone.

Gives us insight into the way language enables or inhibits creativity.

The workshop gives you a clear framework about when and how to work divergently and convergently.

What ideas underscore it?

Creativity – looking at the same thing but thinking something different. Can this be turned on like a switch?

The course aims to challenge the prevailing culture of oppositional thinking.

How can we develop a collaborative openness that let’s us hear everyone’s thoughts?