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Pandemic Project

For six months in 2021 we offered
4 free online workshops for all year 11 students in the UK

The pandemic showed us the fault lines in our society in a starker way than ever before. Everyone struggled, the inequality gap continued to grow, and the effects are still being felt.

In May 2021 many students were preparing to take their exams. They’d missed school, they were without support and everyone was emotionally unsettled.

In response, we distilled the key messages from a decade’s experience into four short interactive videos and made them available to half a million students.

Click on the images below to see the workshop objectives.


In our opening workshop, students were shown how to harness accelerated learning – a technique that works whatever our academic ability – and learnt to count in a new language in under 180 seconds.


The interactive experiments of Workshop 2 showed students the importance of colour, questions, symbols and trains of thought – ideas to transform their ability to understand the world around them.


As humans, we can generally remember around 7 pieces of information in one go before our brains become oversaturated.

By using the techniques in Workshop 3, our students were able to remember 35 pieces of information. In less than 3 minutes.


In our final workshop, students explored how to work at home, how to bring creative insight into their work, and how to say goodbye to revision forever.

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