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Study Skills

Learn how you learn and do it faster

You will be able to...

What does it do and who is it for?

What ideas underscore it?

You will be able to…

Realise how you learn and be able to do it faster.
Demonstrate understanding on any subject.
Remember facts and information forever.

What does it do and who is it for?

This workshop, underpinned by neuroscience, is aimed at Years 10 – 13, but adaptable to any year group.
Within one workshop we fundamentally alter what students believe they are capable of learning and remembering.
We help the students develop techniques that they can use immediately across the entire curriculum.

What ideas underscore it?

We are often told that ‘students don’t know how to revise’.

We reimagine the idea of revision – we place memory as a fundamental part of the learning journey.
To remember, we need to understand… and that only happens when we are active and interested.
Our brain is the most complex thing in the known universe. When we are active and interested, incredible things happen.

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