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Accelerated Learning

Some text here about Accelerated Learning and what it can do for you blah blah blah

Who's it for?

Originally designed with Key Stage 4 in mind, the adaptable content means we run this workshop from Primary School through Post-16 to Teacher Training.

How it works

  • How Your Brain Works – games and experiments to understand how we naturally think.
  • How To Learn Faster – Accelerated Learning – understand how our senses are the key to learning.
  • How To Improve Our Memory – take journeys and tell stories to remember information.
  • How To Draw A Mind Map – turn any information into an intuitive map which can be analysed and memorised in a fraction of the time.
  • How to Plan – learn how your brain naturally holds on to information so you never need to revise again.


  • Empowered to start using the techniques immediately.
  • Improvement in learning and memory skills leads to increased self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Higher grades for students positively affect both the individual and their educational establishment.
  • The ability to apply active learning – our students take ownership of the way they learn.
  • Transition from a closed fixed position about our intelligence and ability (often reinforced over years at school) to an open and optimistic understanding that our capabilities are virtually boundless.