Tools you can trust,

Techniques you can depend on,

Training that creates a difference

We focus on...


working effectiveness.

We teach you simple methods that can be applied whether in the office, at home, or hybrid-working.


habitual thinking.

Sometimes we the know the parameters of our work so clearly, that we become incapable of seeing different ways of doing things.


a share language around openness and collaboration.

We use techniques to build democratic solutions that value all stakeholders across the business.

Our workshops...

run across the scale of your business


– nourish the unique perspective, authenticity rather than drone worker.

– embed growth mindset at a cellular level.

– embrace culture of lifelong learning.


– develop the skills to analyse and question cohesively.

– create and maintain a culture where learning flourishes, without the fear of failure.

– be able to collaborate and innovate effectively.


– constructively critique institutionalised behaviours.

– challenge outmoded principles.

– develop integrated teamwork to drive solutions from every level of the structure.

What to expect...

Outstanding client-focused delivery from start to finish.

Each event is designed according to the needs of each client. We put a lot of time and energy into understanding the business as it is and what the vision is for the future.

Together we decide the best workshop, or combination of workshops to run, and how to deliver them.

Once we’ve organised the workshop, emails are sent out, the booking goes in the diary and purchase orders are confirmed with the finance team. Resources are then sent out – either by post, or digitally.

We want to make sure you get the maximum benefit from our courses.

Along with the invoice and feedback forms, we are happy to answer any post-course queries by email and offer a free virtual coffee morning where the trainer will be happy to talk about how the tools and strategies are being used.