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Course Outlines


Effective Speed Reading
Fast Reading and Super Memory
Improve Your Memory
Mind Mapping


Powerful Presentations
Think Before You Speak


Creative Thinking & Problem Solving
Creative Thinking
Generating Ideas
Structured and Critical Thinking



  • Each workshop is designed to last between 90 minutes and two hours to get the maximum from the students and fit within the school timetable.
  • Team Building events can run for a full day.


  • Up to 80-90 students for Study Skills, Revision Skills, Motivation, Memory and Team Building.
  • Up to 60 students for Creative Thinking and Goal Mapping. Twilight sessions for teachers and parents.
  • We run seminars for hundreds and train one-to-one too.


  • Should you wish to create a bespoke session – a unique time length, fusing different elements from different courses, bigger or smaller audiences, we are happy to create a workshop to suit your needs.
  • Our adaptable courses are suitable from Key Stage 2 to Teacher Training.

When you're ready...

  • We will discuss which workshops best suit your needs for the year groups you have in mind.
  • We will discuss academic focus. It is important to us to find out what the students are learning at the time, so we can make the sessions ‘site-specific’, i.e. if they are studying a set text, we can refer to it.
  • We will aim to understand the socio-economic background of the school, as no two places are the same.