Team Building

A group workshop designed for students to learn how to work well in teams of any size.

Who's it for?

Year 9 onwards, this workshop is particularly helpful for induction days or instances where year groups do not know each other well.

How it works

  • We use physical and analytical experiments to test our ability to work together. We analyse and learn from how we respond to various group sizes, ranging from two to 16.


  • Develop Leadership Skills
  • Learn how to communicate
  • Understand Partnerships and Group Dynamics

The Ideas

How do we view ourselves when alongside other people?

How can we communicate effectively in a group?

Our global population is now more than 7 billion, new technologies are making communication easier than ever before. Yet in some ways those same technologies are isolating us, stopping us from physically connecting with others.

This course helps us connect and work well with the people around us.

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