Study Skills

A powerful workshop designed to develop academic excellence, improve cognitive skills and build self-esteem.

Through experiments, demonstrations and interactive exercises everyone engages equally irrespective of academic ability. All the students will be astounded at their ability to learn and remember.

Complexity achieved through simple techniques

Who's it for?

Originally designed with Key Stage 4 in mind, the adaptable content means we run this workshop from Primary School through Post-16 to Teacher Training.

How it works

  • How Your Brain Works – games and experiments to understand how we naturally think.
  • How To Learn Faster – Accelerated Learning – understand how our senses are the key to learning.
  • How To Improve Our Memory – take journeys and tell stories to remember information.
  • How To Draw A Mind Map – turn any information into an intuitive map which can be analysed and memorised in a fraction of the time.
  • How to Plan – learn how your brain naturally holds on to information so you never need to revise again.


  • Empowered to start using the techniques immediately.
  • Improvement in learning and memory skills leads to increased self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Higher grades for students positively affect both the individual and their educational establishment.
  • The ability to apply active learning – our students take ownership of the way they learn.
  • Transition from a closed fixed position about our intelligence and ability (often reinforced over years at school) to an open and optimistic understanding that our capabilities are virtually boundless.

The Ideas

Why do many students struggle in education, yet often display incredible learning and memory skills outside school?

To understand how a student learns and remembers we have to look at how people learn and remember. There are ways to reduce the distinction between ‘inside school’ and ‘outside school’. Learning is learning wherever it happens.

Just for a moment, remove your students from the school context and forget about their ‘academic ability’. Think of them for what they are: the owners of arguably the most complex thing in the universe – their brain.

Inside our brains we have about 100 billion neurons and the connections existing between them are virtually infinite.

Our simple techniques are rooted in how our brains work. Rather than information imposing itself on the student, we show the student how to make the information fit their own brain.

In our workshops the students learn to be the sun and information revolves around them like the planets.

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