Revision Skills

As stress starts to build in the run-up to exams, students learn how to revise effectively and feel confident about the challenges they are facing.

Who's it for?

Any student about to sit an exam.

How it works

  • We’ve worked with educators from around the country to create this highly-targeted workshop.
  • We look at the mechanics of exams, understand the language used and embed revision techniques that really work.
  • Our specially designed resource, the Enlighten Revision Skills Book, will help each student all the way through their exams.


  • Build confidence and momentum in the last few months before exams begin.
  • Combine techniques for study and motivation.
  • Recognise specific GCSE criteria such as Keywords and Set Texts.
  • Profoundly change the revising experience.
  • Have certainty students will hold on to the information.
  • Sit exams with all the confidence that comes as a result.

The Ideas

We expend lots of time and energy learning information in the first place. But when we come to revise and remember days, weeks or months later, some or all of it has been forgotten. Our ability to recall it simply starts to fade away.

Often we know our subject material, but the stress of the exam will start to create a negative feeling that seems to erode our knowledge.

The intensity of exams means that often we work very hard for long periods of time, even though our brains don’t function well in those circumstances.

The Revision Skills course teaches students how to overcome all these obstacles.

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