For every situation there are many different possible outcomes determined by our thoughts and actions. We have designed a course to change the way we think and act to help us succeed.

Who's it for?

This workshop is designed to motivate students from Year 9 onwards, showing them how to be successful.

How it works

  • Examine our senses and how they affect the way we feel about ourselves.
  • Experiments to show how our thoughts can control our physiology and vice versa.
  • Understand and overcome stressful situations.


  • A student who is positive about their abilities will be able to achieve higher grades.
  • We explode the myths of ‘natural talent’, examine what brings success and the student will apply the ideas to their own life.
  • The workshop teaches us to control the forces that might be hindering us.

The Ideas

We often believe from a very early age that we are predisposed to be good at some things, and not so good at others. We think that some have talent, others do not, and this is the guide to success.

The Motivation workshop challenges the very notion of this idea and redefines perceptions of our own capabilities.

“Some days I can, some days I can’t…”

As individuals, we can often feel that situations are out of our control. Some days we wake up and feel like we can take on the world, yet some mornings we don’t feel like we can get out of bed.

Is this just ‘the way things are’? This workshop shows us that we can exert more control over what appears to be our normal state.

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