Whether we want to be great at music, science, literature or statistical analysis, our memory is vital. Our course helps people learn how to remember.

Who's it for?

Anyone who wants to improve and understand their memory. This adaptable workshop is perfect from Key Stage 2 through to Teacher Training.

How it works

  • What are our memories like?
  • Everyone’s memory is unique and infinitely colourful, but there are rules that guide them.
  • When we understand those rules, we can understand how to help our memories work better.
  • We often feel an emotion or a sensation when we remember. A memory can make us feel happy or sad. It can remind us of a smell or a taste.
  • This doesn’t always happen when we have to remember at school or work.
  • Enlighten helps to rediscover the lost connection.


  • Using intuitive techniques, the student will be able to recall a vast amount of information, facts and numbers, building confidence in any subject area.

The Ideas

A ‘bad memory’ can easily lead to low academic confidence for many students. This course is designed to challenge the notion that memory is a ‘natural’ gift.

This memory workshop takes its root in our understanding of Bloom’s Taxonomy. We start with ‘Remembering’. Once we’ve cracked that, students can start ‘Understanding’, ‘Applying’, ‘Analysing’, ‘Evaluating’ and finally ‘Creating’.

The building block for all of this is the art of remembering.

Ancient Techniques “Where were you when you heard JFK had died…?” Think of a memory – almost always we link it to a place.

The Greeks and Romans used the idea of place to remember. Aboriginal Australians use stories to navigate their vast landscape. We can use those techniques too. We tell stories, we remember stories.

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