Creative Thinking

Students will learn to use mechanisms such as Bloom’s Taxonomy, parallel thinking techniques and understand the language of Creative Thinking.

Who's it for?

Geared towards Post-16 and beyond, this workshop is as relevant for A-level students as it is for vocational learners.

How it works

  • Students learn how to create complex arguments by imagining themselves looking at a question from differing viewpoints.
  • Students learn how to use keywords to trigger progressively sophisticated thinking. Starting with words such as “Describe”, we move on to “Interpret”, “Illustrate”, “Classify”, “Assess” and finally to “Compose”.


  • Learn how to create complex responses to any question.
  • Work creatively in groups and learn how to think in parallel.
  • Combine our minds and ideas rather than cancel each other out.

The Ideas

The idea behind our Creative Thinking session is help students learn to think for themselves.

In academic terms, the existing framework for GCSEs supports the student to such an extent that Post-16 can feel like a huge change in workload and expectation.

This workshop is designed to help students think about projects creatively and learn independently, setting them up with skills to take them through FE and into the work place.

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